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5 Free Tools to Speed Up Your Coding

5 Free Online Tools That Will Speed Up Your HTML & CSS Coding

1. Our favorite color picker tool:

Whether you need to set a color for your text, a banner, or a button on your web site, working with colors is all part of the daily routine for front-end designers and developers. On the web, colors are generally set using CSS, aka cascading style sheets. And there are 3 basic methods for specifying colors in CSS: Continue reading

Sublime Text is the best text editor

The World’s Best Text Editor and Why You’re About to Love It Too

There’s a plethora of text editors out there. And a few winners have emerged from the pack and left their competitors trailing in the dust. As a software developer, I use text editors all the time for scripting and coding purposes. Up until just a few years ago, I was a big fan of full blown IDE’s (Integrated development environments), but then, I discovered what eventually became the world’s best text editor for me – Sublime Text.

Let’s see why Sublime Text is so awesome and how it could make your life easier. Continue reading

How a Simple Landing Page Sent This Company Towards a Multi-Billion $ Valuation

Many people think of landing pages as of a form of digital flyer, the purpose of which is to provide some basic information about an event or brand.  For most, they’re not expecting to accomplish much more beyond that. So it might seem fair to say that landing pages are “boring,” and definitely can’t be game changers for your business, right? If you answered yes to either of these questions, think again. A “simple” landing page can actually be a surprisingly powerful tool for testing early market feedback for your new product or service, helping you gauge how the market will receive it once you really put it out there.  And most importantly, they can potentially save you a significant amount of time and money that you may have otherwise invested in pursuit of the wrong idea. Continue reading

How I Got a Promotion Just by Learning Some Basic Coding

I was born and raised in the Czech Republic. Back in 2001, every young man, once he turned 18, was required to enlist in the military and go through one year of training. Military duty is no longer mandatory there, but, for better or worse, I was born early enough to be in one of the last waves of recruits.  Enlisting in the military wasn’t exactly my ideal vision of how I intended to spend a year of my life after graduating from high school.  But looking at the experience in hindsight, that year was really formative for me, in shaping who I was to become and what I’m able to do today. Continue reading

4 Self-Limiting Beliefs You Need to Overcome If You Want to Find Success

I started my career in corporate America where everyone needs to fit nicely into a box that is compatible with whatever forms your HR department has decided to create. First I learned to be a stockbroker, then I got into real estate, renting and selling apartments here in New York City, until finally moving on to manage commercial properties.

In each of these roles I felt stifled, limited by my options, and as though there was very little room to improve myself professionally in a way that would actually be satisfying both personally and financially.

Then I stumbled into the world of technology and startups. I had moved overseas and was living in the small nordic nation of Estonia. About two weeks after I arrived I began working for a company called, which makes virtual fitting rooms for online clothing retailers.  The really cool thing is that they do this using shape-shifting robots.  There were a lot of Terminator jokes running around the office, as you can imagine. Continue reading