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4 tips to get your questions answered on Quora

4 Steps to Guarantee You Get Great Answers on Quora

Sometimes, no matter how much you search, scour and hunt, the answers you need just haven’t been addressed anywhere on the internet yet.  But thankfully you can still find what you’re looking for by knowing where and how to ask.  Here’s a fool-proof, no-fuss, tactical approach to getting your questions answered with expert responses, quickly and easily on Quora. Continue reading

Stop Doing These 3 Things That Sabotage Your Career

I’ve had the opportunity to experience sitting on both sides of the interview table in the course of my career and there is one major takeaway I’ve learned from my experiences with successful interviews and interviewees; and that is that a successful interview is a bit like a wedding.  People often spend too much time stressing over the pageantry of that one (or multiple) day event and not enough time making the commitment to keep the relationship moving forward and evolving over the years that follow.

With that in mind, here are three things that I’ve encountered in myself and others that I think we’re all guilty of falling victim to, at one time or another.  If left unchecked, these three attitudes can sabotage both our own success and the success of our team, and while they might not get you fired, they certainly won’t get you ahead. Continue reading

4 Self-Limiting Beliefs You Need to Overcome If You Want to Find Success

I started my career in corporate America where everyone needs to fit nicely into a box that is compatible with whatever forms your HR department has decided to create. First I learned to be a stockbroker, then I got into real estate, renting and selling apartments here in New York City, until finally moving on to manage commercial properties.

In each of these roles I felt stifled, limited by my options, and as though there was very little room to improve myself professionally in a way that would actually be satisfying both personally and financially.

Then I stumbled into the world of technology and startups. I had moved overseas and was living in the small nordic nation of Estonia. About two weeks after I arrived I began working for a company called, which makes virtual fitting rooms for online clothing retailers.  The really cool thing is that they do this using shape-shifting robots.  There were a lot of Terminator jokes running around the office, as you can imagine. Continue reading