Who or What is HackStack.io?

HackStack.io is the brainchild of Petr Kout and James York. Together they create targeted, highly digestible “bite-sized” tutorials to help busy people accomplish their goals quickly and affordably, for rapid results.

Whether you are looking to enhance your career, polish up some rusty skills, or finally launch that business you have been dreaming about, we believe HackStack.io’s selection of short, “stackable” tutorials will give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed in whatever your passion is.

Why the Racoon?

Meet Spot. Spot the Racoon. Racoons are surprisingly intelligent animals, who have demonstrated an ability to remember solutions to complex tasks for years at a time. We also like cute animals, so a cuddly racoon with a great memory seemed the perfect fit for HackStack.io’s mascot.


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James York
Co-Founder, Business Stack

James is a multi-hat wearing problem solver with a talent for taking concepts from idea to reality.  An entrepreneur and consultant with a background in finance, real estate and technology startups in New York and Europe, James enjoys sitting at the crossroads of technology and business - leveraging elements of each to advance the other. He lives in New York with his wife, new son and a 19lb blonde norwegian forest cat named Lars.

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Petr Kout
Co-Founder, Technical Stack

Petr is originally from a small town outside of Prague, in the Czech Republic.  Currently living in NYC, he is both a physics researcher and a talented developer. Passionate about the sciences and their application in technology, he has built everything from e-commerce websites to autonomous drone systems. He specializes in over a dozen of programming languages and developmental frameworks and enjoys tutoring and helping others learn as much he as does creating amazing things.