4 tips to get your questions answered on Quora

4 Steps to Guarantee You Get Great Answers on Quora

Sometimes, no matter how much you search, scour and hunt, the answers you need just haven’t been addressed anywhere on the internet yet.  But thankfully you can still find what you’re looking for by knowing where and how to ask.  Here’s a fool-proof, no-fuss, tactical approach to getting your questions answered with expert responses, quickly and easily on Quora.

Quora as I’m sure you know is, in one word, amazing. If you’re a regular on the site you know just how valuable it can be for business development, content marketing, market research, or pretty much anything where the question on tap requires a more human touch than can be algorithmically generated by Google.  And on the off chance you haven’t heard of or used Quora, stop reading this right now and go check it out immediately. I mean it.

But, for all of Quora’s amazingness… sometimes your question can seem to get lost in the sea of asks and queries.  So to make sure you get the information you need, from the people who are most relevant to give it to you, just follow these steps:

Step 1 – Ask your question

Ask a question on Quora

Step 2 – Use the “ask to answer” feature

Quora Ask to Answer

Step 3 – Think of the titles of the people who would be ideally suited to answer you

Quora Free to Ask

For example, “entrepreneur”, “head of marketing”, “CEO”, “real estate broker”, “angel investor”, “social media manager”, etc…

Step 4 – Ask anyone and everyone who comes up under those titles which are applicable to your question and who are listed as “Free to Ask” to answer!

You’re about to play a numbers game, so you want to get your question in front of as many eyeballs as possible so that you get some useful answers.  Experience has shown that 20 to 30 “asks” are usually enough to get 5 to 6 high quality and extremely useful responses.

And now for a little productivity trick…

You’ll quickly see that each time you click on someone to ask, Quora will reset the search term in the search box.  This can make the whole process needlessly time consuming.  To optimize this process, you want to make sure that copy your search term first, before you start hitting the enter key so that you can quickly paste it in over and over again as you click on the applicable people that you want to ask your question.

That’s it.

Now you just have to sit back and wait for the answers to come, which is 5 minutes worth of setup time very well spent… if you ask me.

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